Saturday, 26 October 2013

Downloading from multiple file hosting sites

Direct downloads are arguably one of the fastest, most secure, or at least private, way to download files today.  People generally use filehosting and sharing sites like 2shared, 4shared, Bitshare, Filefactory, Netload and Filesmonster, amongst other filehosters, to download files to their computers from various, third-party websites.  These types of files people download include movies or other videos, zip or rar archives, music, software, games and more.  However, there is an alternative to traditional, slow downloads from filehosting sites, and this alternative can be exceptionally useful if you like to download a lot of files.

Enter the Multihoster: multiple file hosting accounts in one

 A multihoster, or a premium multihoster service, is an option for people who regularly download files and  even people who only occasionally download files, but who tend to download a lot when they do.  File hosting sites, and even the paid upgrade options they offer by way of premium accounts, are a fantastic option for certain people who like to download files from websites.  However, especially if you've found yourself upgrading to a premium account or even contemplating one, there is one big limitation to these premium accounts: they only work for the file hosting site you sign up with.

For example, if you sign up for a premium account with, or, you can download files quickly from those services.  But, you won't be able to download files fast from other premium file hosting sites like Extabit, Rapidgator, Filesmonster or Fiberupload with the premium account from the other service.  And, honestly - it's a lot easier to try and find working download links from multiple file hosting services versus finding working download links from only one premium account filehoster's service.

This is where a premium multihoster comes in.  Premium account multihosters like Zevera give you high-speed access to downloads from multiple file hosting sites. Instead of buying multiple premium accounts to enjoy high-speed and sometimes unlimited downloads from multiple sites, or limiting yourself to downloading from only one filehosting site, you can download from many filehosters as a premium member through a single account.  I believe Zevera offers access to around 50 premium account file hosting sites and 30 or so other sites, including the option to download streaming video via their download manager.

Download plans and packages for differing download habits

One of the great things about using a premium multihoster, or at least something that is offered by the multihoster I use, is that they offer different account types for people who download files in different ways.  For the everyday downloader, or somebody who regularly downloads files throughout the week, monthly or per-term account provides the best value for downloading from multiple filehosting sites. This allows you continuous, near-limitless downloads for most supported file hosting sites.

If you're what might be called a seasonal downloader, or somebody who downloads files heavily at times, but doesn't do it regularly or on any schedule, you can purchase downloads in Gigabyte packs. My favorite multihoster offers 50GB to 5,000GB bandwidth packages that can last the occasional downloader months or even years, depending on how frequent they download files and the size of the files that they download.  These Gigabyte download plans do not have expiration dates.  In fact, I still have a few-hundred Megabytes left on my original account I setup with Zevera nearly three years ago - I haven't used the last of it for privacy reasons (I obscure download activity across multiple multihoster accounts using various IPs / payment methods)

Downloading files fast from multiple filehosters

The best way to download files from filesharing and hosting sites like those mentioned above is to use a premium multihoster service.  A multihoster works by bundling premium accounts together, and for the same price as a single premium account from a popular filehosting site, you can get high-speed download access to scores of filehosting sites via a premium account multihoster service.

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