Thursday, 22 November 2012

Purchase Premium Account, Maybe Win an Ipad

If you like to download files and like the freedom, speed and convenience of using premium accounts, this limited-time promo may be of benefit to you.  Zevera, a premium multihoster service (bundled cyberlockers in one premium account) is giving members the chance to win a new Ipad.  Any member - new or existing - who purchases a premium account between now and November 30th, 2012 will be entered into the drawing for the free Ipad.

Zevera has two account types: monthly or time-limited accounts and bandwidth-only (Gigabyte block) accounts without expiration dates.  Both account types start at €9.99 (or about $12.80 USD), though they have larger premium account packages available. You can increase your chances of winning the free Ipad by purchasing more than one account - say a 30-day account + a 50GB account - you can use the 30-day account in December and start on the 50GB account in January; these are only examples, though.

This offer will be expiring very soon, so if you're already in the market for a premium account, you might as well put yourself in a drawing for a free Ipad since you're already planning on spending the money, anyway.

Here are the details of the offer:

Zevera Giving away a free iPad - November Promotion

Get your Zevera Account now… and win the brand New iPad!!

Zevera is giving the chance to one lucky downloader to win the touchscreen tablet computer that everyone is dreaming of!!
How: Just register at, the revolutionary multihoster, and get yourself a Premium Account. You don't need to do anything else! You automatically take part in Zevera's cool new competition!
When: The transaction must take place between 20 -30 November 2012. So, don't waste any more time - try your luck today!
Who: Everybody can take part in the competition and win this state of the art prize: new users and existing users, just as long they purchase their Account during this week.
Download everything using One Account & watch those movies on a New iPad!
The ultimate in smart technology, the New iPad 3 has a breakthrough crystal-clear display that's even more detailed than a 40" HD TV.
So… there's no better way to enjoy the movies & games you'll be downloading from Zevera!
And Zevera is the best way to do your downloading: with 70 different file hosters under one roof, there's no way you won't find what you need!!
And remember: downloading with Zevera is fast & effective, and you have 24/7 costumer support & a money back Guarantee!!
So what are you waiting for? Get your Zevera Account NOW!
Zevera iPad Promo Offer - November, 2012
Premium Downloading from 70 file-hosters
Download any files you want without worrying about on which site they are hosted.
Zevera iPad Promo Offer - November, 2012
Money-back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with our services, we give your money back!
Zevera iPad Promo Offer - November, 2012
No daily limit on downloads
Download unlimited number of files at incredible speeds!
Zevera iPad Promo Offer - November, 2012
Unlimited Parallel downloads
Download as many files simultaneously as you want and never wait again!
Zevera iPad Promo Offer - November, 2012
100% Secure & Anonymous
Your downloading is totally anonymous as we are like an anonymous proxy server. Your credit card payment is processed via reliable third-party companies like PayPal, AlertPay etc… and we have no information about who you are.
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Multihoster Download Services - What Are They?

The term 'multihoster' has been around for quite some time, and it's usually used to represent some kind of hosting service: file hosting and image hosting services are relevant examples of this.  When we're speaking about file downloads, however, a multihoster service is more akin to a bundled-account filesharing and file download service than anything else. Now, to be clear, there is a multihoster service that is actually called, but this service was just smart by capitalizing on the growing popularity of the term and grabbing the domain name: this particular service is not the only multihoster file download option today: not by a long shot.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Free Downloads vs. Fast - You Get What You Pay For

Who doesn't like to download files?  That's more of a rhetorical question than anything as a lot of people do.  A large portion of that file-download group would probably prefer free downloads over any paid download options, too. However, downloading files for free is only a practical option when you're downloading a small number of files.  Here are a few reasons why free file downloads just won't cut it anymore for regular downloaders.

Unnecessarily slow file downloads

With most of the world's internet speed increasing, downloading files at 45Kb/s or less just isn't acceptable anymore  - free download or not.  That is, unless you have a slow internet connection to begin with or you only want to download a small file.    While there are a lot of  factors that determine how quickly a file downloads,  free downloads from filesharing and filehosting sites are usually throttled to slow speeds and given low priority, meaning that the busier the filehosting service is, the slower your files will download.  Sometimes even slower than dialup speeds.

Download delay timers and captcha forms

If you've ever downloaded a file for free, you know about those hard-to-read boxes that contain numbers, letters and usually other characters or symbols to throw you off: those are captcha forms.  These forms, while likely used to prevent automated downloads from websites, serve a secondary purpose when they're added to filesharing sites: to annoy users enough so that they purchase a premium account or a paid membership to enjoy better download options.

As with captcha forms, free download sites are well-known for another trait:  delay timers.   Many free file download websites use download delay timers, again, to encourage visitors to purchase a premium account.  These  delay timers can range from a few seconds to up to 10 minutes for first-time downloads, and may actually show delays of 30 minutes to several hours or more.

Restrictive file download limitations

Alongside offering slow or painfully slow download speeds, captcha forms and  timers, most free download options come with a few more restrictions:  download limits.

These download limits are generally multifaceted: you are restricted to x number of downloads per x minutes, per hour or per day; you cannot download files larger than xMB as a free member, usually somewhere above 400mb but you can only download one file at a time.

Now, some people try to get around these download limits by splitting large files into smaller chunks like .rar or .zip archives.  Imagine, however, how long it would take you to download a 2GB file in 200MB pieces when you're only allowed one download per hour or 500MB worth of downloads per day.  It's not uncommon to hear of people spending days to try and download a single file this way.

The best file download options today

While free downloads may be attractive due to their no out-of pocket cost, the free download option is just too limited for most people. The best option for fast, direct downloads is to use a premium multihoster.

Multihosters give you the freedom of downloading the files you want while allowing you to download those files fast and without the major annoyances and hurdles in place with free downloads.  The freedom to choose and the ability to download files with limited hassles, quickly no less, is well-worth the price of admission.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Premium Accounts Download - A Preferable Choice!

Every one of us is well aware of the instant use of internet in our daily routines. It is like that we are dependent upon it for everything may that involve work, studies, entertainment or socialization. The internet is just doing it for us.

We are carrying out different tasks related to work, studies and entertainment on the internet by downloading multiple files. This downloading of files becomes very tough at some point in life. And it becomes very difficult to carry out various downloads at a single time which leads to wastage of time and delay in work later on.

Premium accounts are being offered by numerous major file hostile websites and domains. These premium account downloads are now becoming common within many individuals as they are providing solutions regarding all sorts of file downloads along with saving your precious time. These premium account downloads are considered to act with more speed when downloading a particular file, resolving the issue of its size or how large it is because they provide the users a free much large space as compared to other downloading software.

By becoming a user of premium account you can ease all the issues that you face through the interruptions of your internet connections while downloading a file. Many of us have some important files that need to be downloaded and the loss of such files can be annoying but a premium account facilitates you by helping you resume all the downloads that get interrupted. Not just high speed downloads are its advantage but also parallel sorts of downloads which means a few downloads at a same time. As you do not have to wait for one download to end and begin with another one. You can also copy the links and the download starts automatically often known as direct file download. So why not choosing a premium account download!