Sunday, 1 February 2015

Faster Premium Downloads with a Multihoster

There are a lot of ways you can download files from filehosting sites. However, there are two basic options for filehosters: free downloads and premium account downloads. Free downloads are ok when you need one file and usually when it's small, but what about when you want to download a lot of files and save those to your computer? That's where premium accounts with filehosting sites really start making sense.

Premium accounts - faster, better downloads

Premium accounts with filehosting sites like, KingFiles, Rapidgator and Depfile are great because they offer significant benefits over using free downloads:

  • No speed limits on downloads - download files much faster
  • Download multiple files at the same time - parallel downloads - rather than one file at a time
  • Download scores or hundreds of files in a day versus 10 or less with free accounts
  • No limits on the size of files you can download - some free downloads are limited to 200mb files, which makes it very hard to get bigger files
  • No dealing with annoying, hard-to-read captcha forms or having to wait 30 seconds, 1 minute or over an hour between downloading files
  • You can download files with a premium account, usually, with only one click versus many clicks for free downloads

Get multiple premium accounts for the price of one 

While premium accounts from filehosting sites are a great value, there's an even better option if you want a lot more freedom to download more files a whole lot faster - multihoster services. Right now I'm using a Linksnappy Elite account, and I couldn't be happier with it.

Here's an example of the value that multihoster services provide. Say, for instance, you wanted to download from some filehosting sites as a premium account member: Netload, Rapidgator and Depfile, your per-month cost for these services would be as follows:

Netload €9.50 £7.12 $10.72
Rapidgator €11.51 £8.62 $12.99
Depfile €19.99 £14.97 $22.56
Totals €41 £30.71 $46.27

However, compare those prices to one month of a Linksnappy Premium account:

Linksnappy €10.67 £7.99 $12.04

When you compare the prices, if you're going to purchase one premium account, it just makes so much more sense to purchase one account that gives you access to multiple premium accounts, right?

Multiple premium accounts in one account

Linksnappy gives you premium access to more than just 3 different premium account services, though. You can download from scores of sites with a Linksnappy account.  For instance:

  • Filepost
  • LetItBit
  • RyuShare
  • Ultramegabit
  • /
  • Depfile
  • oBoom
  • Turbobit
  • Depositfiles
  • Crocko
And many more filehosters and some popular video-streaming sites as well.

I've used Linksnappy off and on for months now, and I have to say it's been the most reliable multihoster service that I've tried out. Download work well overall and the speeds are really nice overall as well. If you're looking to download files faster, I highly recommend that you try out Linksnappy

They've also recently added a torrent downloader tool that members can use to download torrents as well, which, this alone is worth the cost of the premium account because it works to protect your privacy while downloading torrent files.

Here's a screenshot of my Linksnappy account to show that I'm a current Elite account member:

Linksnappy Elite Premium Account

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